5 Reasons Why I Love Pancakes

  1. They’re smooth, soft and simply divine.
  2. They can hold a variety of different flavours – from sweet to savoury, plain to full-to-the-brim, chilli to chocolate (or both!) The pancake is such a diverse type of food. I’ve even know blueberries to be put into a pancake whilst it is cooking. Now that’s true pancake-appreciating.
  3. They cook fast – it only takes a minute! When you bake a cake, however delicious it may be, it takes around 40 minutes to cook. But for a quick yet delish dessert (or other meal of the day if going savoury), I suggest the pancake.
  4. You can eat them in many forms – you could fold them, roll them up, make lots of little ones and put them in a pile, make two fat ones and cut into them with a knife and fork (if you care about cleanliness, then this one is for you.) And these techniques just add to the pancake’s diversity. My personal favourite is making lots of little ones and putting them in a pile.
  5. Well, come on now, there is a day dedicated to them.

But it’s not really called Pancake Day. It’s really called Shrove Tuesday. And this day exists because it is the day before Lent. So we eat the main foods like milk, flour, eggs, butter etc. as the kind of last eat-all-you-can day before Lent. And then we fast (but some, like me, don’t fast for the suggested 40 days and 40 nights. I will start in a few weeks, but more on that tomorrow and when the time comes.)

So I hope you all have a great Shrove Tuesday, and if participating in Lent this year, I hope you stick to not doing whatever you aren’t doing. But like I said, more on that tomorrow.

Happy Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday!


PS. This may be an English thing, or it may not (if I’m honest, I don’t know.) But I don’t see why you guys over in the USA can’t embrace the pancakes, too. :)

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