Here I Go Again

So on Friday I posted about changes in my life – well those changes kind of mean something bad. I have to put blogging aside.

This was not my intention whatsoever, but I know things will (and have) become very overwhelming and will be for quite a while. Therefore I am going to take a long-term break (I hate how I had to say that) from blogging and return at some point, probably next year. I plan a big rebirth of my blog at some point, but you will all have to be patient for that point I’m afraid.

I write this post with quite a lot of sadness, really. I’m in no way fed up of blogging etc., I just know it’ll all become too much (and when it gets too much it’s not the best feeling).

All the best,


Changing But Not Changing

This topic may have been in an older post on this blog, but I’m going to ‘delve deeper’ into something I find very interesting…

One of my favourite songs – ‘Put Your Records On‘ by Corinne Bailey Rae – includes the lyrics: ‘the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same’. These lyrics have been ones I’ve always agreed with and been inspired by because, well, it’s true! Things in life will continue to change, some being much more obvious and relevant than others, but there will always be things which change that we don’t realise.

But maybe those lyrics mean something else – maybe when things change, they are actually just being renewed and are in fact staying the same. Or they could just be growing and developing, and we shouldn’t consider it as changing.

There are so many possibilities as to how those lyrics could be interpreted, but I feel like they are quite relevant in my own life right now, where many things are changing (hopefully for the better). Sometimes I find listening to music opens up the mind and allows different thoughts to flow through it, rather than dwelling on what’s already there.


A Breath of Fresh Air

As I took a trip down to Brighton yesterday, I felt a massive sense of security to be back home after my holiday in Cyprus. Don’t get me wrong – it was an amazing holiday and I got to see the family I’ve missed – but coming home will always be a pleasant experience for me.

The trip to Brighton was with family and it was good to have a breath of fresh air from London. I took the photo below whilst standing near the end of the pier and looking towards the land. My next aim is to return to that spot in the evening, when those cute little bulbs are light – that photo sounds promising, no?DSCF5186

As you may have gathered by now, normal posting will continue from now, and I feel so glad to be back into my routine.

Have you had a holiday this summer? How has it been?


Off On Holiday

Hey guys. So this will be my last post before I go to Cyprus, the country where my family are from, for three weeks. Unfortunately, I won’t have access to WiFi often enough to post and I haven’t scheduled any posts to be posted. I think the reason for not scheduling is simply because I don’t want to post and then not reply to comments and not read other blogs – I’d be like a selfish blogger who only wants to post but not communicate with other bloggers whatsoever. So for that reason, I’m not going to post.

May I just clarify that this is not a ‘break’, but more of an inability to post over the next three weeks. My next post will be on August 23rd, so please keep your eyes open for that!

Tomorrow, it’s my birthday *applause*. I always love birthdays simply due to that feeling you have – it’s your day and everyone is singing to you. What I’ll do on my birthday is still something I’m figuring out – I will probably spend the day with family and, as sad as it sounds, pack for my holiday (which I go on on the next day).

I will miss blogging incredibly and can’t wait to return! Have a happy holiday everyone :).


The Most Famous Baby In Town

As many of you will have heard, Princess Kate and Prince William welcomed their son into the world yesterday at 4.24pm. The whole world seems to have embraced the Royals and the new king-to-be which, I think, is the most famous baby in the world. Don’t you?

When I found out, I was watching a show called ‘Long Lost Family’, where the team try to find lost family of the person(s) on the show who have been looking for years (nice bit of info there). But suddenly, it turned itself off and a newsreader popped up. My heart was racing. The headline appeared – ‘ROYAL BABY BORN’. Yay!

The next thing I did was go on Twitter, which I knew would be going wild. Not only was #RoyalBaby trending, but not much later began the speculations about what this baby boy is going to be called. Apparently, the bookies’ favourite was previously George but has now moved to James. Personally, I really don’t mind. I quite like the idea of calling him something original and modern – this is a 2013 baby we’re talking about.

Although I guess tradition is why we love the Royal Family so much.


Tidying Up The Mind

Something I find really helps me forget my worries and bring myself together if ever I’m feeling down, is tidying (others include shopping and baking). I never clean the whole house or get really obsessed with cleaning, but I simply tidy things and give them a little polish if necessary. Try it – it honestly helps.

My bedroom is the place I usually find myself in at these times. This is probably because it’s the room that becomes very cluttered with bits and bobs which can appear over a few days. So I tidy and organise and maybe change a few things around, and I always feel better. I guess it is a sort of fresh start, but I’ve always believed a fresh start cannot be visible – your mind is the thing that needs tidying.

So I’m not setting a good example, guys – I may organise things visually to find an excuse that I’ve organised my head, but (when my head does need organising) tidying and cleaning is just the first step. The second, biggest step is clearing out your mind of all of the clutter that’s got in there, and thinking clearly. I know it’s easier said than done, so it can take a long time, but taking some time to sit and reflect on a few things now and then will never hurt – many people find it improves their own understanding of themselves.

Tidy up your mind, clear out the rubbish, give it a clean. The surfaces may begin to shine.


Why I Couldn’t Live In The Country

Don’t get me wrong – the country looks lovely and peaceful. But what if I said I don’t want peace? There’s something about too much peace which really doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t know if it’s due to me living in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, but my whole life I’ve adjusted to people being around me and never being alone. And now it’s got to a point where I don’t even like being at home alone…

Luckily I don’t live alone, but whenever it’s just me in the house I find it really boring. Usually there will be something to occupy me (like the things I have to do in my day-to-day life and work) but I still get a sort of empty feeling, like I’ve got no one to go to if I feel like expressing or sharing something.

So living in the country is something I never aim to do. But who knows – I might find myself in a cottage on the south coast of England in ten years! (Although I do doubt that very much.)

If you live in a city, would you ever move to the country? Or if you lived in the country, would you move to the city?